Casement Outswing Series 90

High Performance
Slim Historic Profiles
Structurally Glazed

The Skyline Series 90 Outswing Casement Windows are truly the epitome of the elegance of design. Most prominent are the Design Line 90 and Design Line 97, both featured in the gallery above. Not too long ago, steel casement windows were a preferred window design in New York City. By the early twentieth century, these windows dotted the city Skyline. The strength of the steel allowed for narrow sightlines that New York continues to strive for and many of these windows need replacements today. While this may be a struggle for some, Skyline designed the Design Line Series 90 Outswing Casement for just this purpose. The DL 90’s frame has been optimized to provide the most narrow sightlines possible while retaining the high performance values that Skyline prides itself on. In its time, the DL 90 has also become an excellent choice to replace other existing window designs, virtually changing a buildings entire look. Combined with custom historical panning and trim and high quality hardware, the DL 90 series of casements has no equal in the marketplace. Whether it’s a replacement for an existing steel window or an upgrade to an existing window, the DL 90 Casement Series is a powerful and elegant window option for any building.









Hurricane tested

Beveled slope on sash members to replicate historical steel window profiles

Narrow uniform profiles

Extruded corner Key construction.

Structural glazing to prevent operable windows from sagging.

Glazing: 1”-1 ¼” insulating glass

  • Improved thermal performance
  • Improved Acoustical Ratings
  • Triple muntin capability

Compression weather-stripping for improved thermal and acoustical performance.

2 5/8” or 3 ¼” Frame depth

Thermally bar insulated frames and sash members.

Wide variety of hardware options.


Standard Colors

Dark Bronze
Clear Anodize

Custom Color application available for all products.

Available Finishing Ratings

AAMA 2603
AAMA 2604
AAMA 2605


Standard Handle
Casement Outswing
Brass Handles
Casement Outswing Casement Outswing Casement Outswing
D 97 Slave with Pull Handle
Casement Outswing
DL 97 Slave
Casement Outswing Casement Outswing




Window Test Size (INCHES)

36 x 60

Window Depth (Inches)


Structural (PSF)


Air @ 6.27 PSF (CFM/FT2)


Water (PSF)