11 riverside drive

11 Riverside Drive, also known as The Schwab House, is a 654 apartment co-operative built in the early 1950’s.  Prior to this, it was the 75-room mansion of Charles M. Schwab, American steel magnate. The building is soon to be added into an expanded Landmarks district.

The owner was looking to “open up” the feel of the apartment and reduce the clutter of the windows and door. Existing were 2 double-hung windows and a bulky interior wood door that was being used for an exterior application.

We installed our Series 1200 as one large window in place of the 2 double-hungs, as well as our 1700 door. We did a split finish – white interior as per the owner’s wish, and dark bronze exterior to match the rest of the building. Low-E insulating glass with argon was used to meet energy codes, and tempered glass was used to meet safety codes.

We accomplished the goal of opening up the room with the large size of the Series 1200 window and minimal sightlines for both window and door.