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puck building

295 Lafayette street

The corner of Lafayette and Houston Street is home to the Puck Building, one of New York’s most recognizable landmark buildings. Serving as a gateway to SoHo, the Puck building is emblematic of the remarkable changes that part of the city has undergone. Architects Beyer, Blinder, Belle selected Skyline to replace the windows as the building was transformed from a commercial property to accommodate high end residence pent houses.

Part of the charm of the historic façade of the Puck Building is large curved top windows which contrast the rigidness of the masonry and cast iron details. Using the 100 Series double hung and 500 Series tilt and turn the Skyline team replicated the curves exactly, matching the profiles and sightlines to the original windows.

Low-e coated insulating glass units filled with argon gas produce superior acoustic attenuation, energy performance, and UV protection within the historic building. Operable sash within even the curved windows are indistinguishable from the fixed lites, retaining the clean lines intended by the original architects.

Today, the Puck Building continues to be one of the most desired addresses in lower Manhattan sporting its gilded sculptures of Shakespeare's character Puck, from A Midsummer's Night Dream, and Skyline Windows. 

As one of the most recognizable landmark buildings in New York, it was essential to change this great commercial building into a world class residential building in a way that not only retained its classic look, but enhanced the overall building immeasurably.
— Richard Apfel | President, Skyline Windows