46 east 83rd street


Located on 83rd Street between Park and Madison Avenue, this 7,522 square foot townhouse was a complete gut renovation, leaving behind the foundations and parting walls. Once the rooms were gutted, the structure within and limestone facing the street was newly constructed and 'composed' with layers for a dialogue between them. According to Architect & LEED AP Mark Squeo, the manner to this facade was one of the reasons they chose Skyline Windows.

The ability to have large windows that could also be gathered together into walls of windows assisted the composition of the street façade. These expanses of glass and aluminum created planes that worked neatly with the other layers of limestone exterior.

The idea that drove this project’s design was to develop the smallest sight lines possible while maintaining architectural appeal. Our 2” sight lines at the head, jamb, sill, and exterior bevel provided just that. The thin profiles of our product fit with the narrow profiles of the assorted steel design elements of the project.

The main challenge was aligning all horizontals and verticals. As each floor had a different design in terms of elevation, it was imperative to cut each window a specific dimension in order to achieve the desired effect.

The project consisted of our Series 90 for all windows and Series 1700 for all doors. Both products were structurally glazed. The windows included both casement and awning operations.

Photos Courtesy of The Corcoran Group

Photos Courtesy of The Corcoran Group