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500-C Inswing Casement • 504SG & 1204SG Window Wall • 1700 Terrace Door • Custom Exterior Glass Spandrels

Constructed in 1971, 180 Water Street is a late modernist tower.  The original design consisted of fixed glass and aluminum panel curtain wall with full mechanical ventilation.  Up until 2013 the building was used as commercial space, with the city’s Human Resources Administration being its last tenant.

In early 2015, Avinash K. Malhotra Architects submitted an application that called for the existing commercial building to be converted into residential market-rate rental apartments. Their plan would include a vertical extension that would raise the building from 25 stories to 32, with additions including a leasing office, lounge, recreation room, 40-foot wide courtyard, and a roof deck lounge equipped with a pool.  

completed roof deck

Skyline was tasked with changing all fixed windows to operable windows while keeping the existing building structure and vertical curtain wall.  Additionally, an interior courtyard was created, requiring newly-installed punched windows, as well as rooftop, penthouse and amenity floors requiring construction window wall systems.  Lastly, in an effort to enhance and brighten the aesthetics of the 1970s-era dark bronze tower, Skyline produced custom-designed glass framed spandrels that were attached to the exterior of the building.

180 water original.jpg

facade • BEFORE



Maximizing sightlines for the replacement windows was the paramount design objective. This was challenging in that the mullions were required to accommodate wide demising wall dimensions and the sills required extensions to accommodate new interior heat pumps. The Skyline design team custom-modified our 500-C window to achieve the maximum amount of glass possible in light of the obstacles. With regards to the courtyard and top of house new construction areas, a multitude of panels, copings and transition pieces were engineered, furnished, and installed by Skyline to provide a complete installation. At the exterior, Skyline designed a brand new structurally glazed glass spandrel from scratch.  


Today the remodeled building has well over 500 market-rate luxury residential units that are quickly filling up.  The “new” 180 Water Street is an exciting addition to the Financial District and Skyline is very proud to have been involved.

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