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210 Livingston Street, also known as Hoyt & Horn, is a new construction project located at the corner of Livingston and Hoyt Streets in Downtown Brooklyn.  This brand new rental development is composed of three brick clad volumes, with the primary tower rising 26 stories.  The three towers in combination create an elevated public amenity space on the second floor, comprised of a gym, a community room, and several multi-purpose rooms.


To achieve the architect and owner’s objective of creating narrow sightlines, Skyline designed a custom slim profile operable to fixed mullion to accentuate the verticality of the façade.  The typical triple window openings offer a uniform opening solution in all three towers.  Skyline provided an exterior black finish which offers visual contrast to both the dark lower brick volumes and the lighter brick central tower.  In the central tower, the corner windows offer panoramic views of downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan, and beyond.


Skyline Windows manufactured and installed the SG 500-4 Inswing Casement and Fixed Window Wall System with 1700-4 Outswing Terrace Door.  All operable sashes are structurally glazed and utilize multi-lock inswing casement window hardware.  The structural glazing of the sash IGUs to the sash frames offer optimal structural integrity and prevents the sashes from sagging over the life of the system.

The required window installation plane required that the window receptors be anchored to the galvanized steel lintel at the head of each of the window openings.  The engineering and installation team welded threaded studs to the lintels on site.  This successfully maintained the desired window plane and brick masonry reveals.

210 Livingston Street was completed in 2018 and is equipped with 368 rental units.  With amenities such as Skyline’s high-performing fenestrations throughout, a fitness center, game room, garden, and roof deck, this development provides the ultimate luxury living experience in one of Brooklyn’s most desired neighborhoods.


owner/developer: rose associates  •  rosenyc.com

architect: handel architects  •  handelarchitects.com


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sg 500-4 inswing casement with fixed window wall system  •  1700-4 outswing terrace door

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