Lift & Slide Door

Series 2000

3 Leaf Capability
Multipoint Lock Performance
Low Friction Operation

The Skyline Series 2000 Lift & Slide Door is like no other sliding door on the market.  The handle rotates 180 degrees, lifting the operable sash off the tracks to disengage the weather-stripping and allow for extremely low friction operation.  This unique features sets the Series 2000 apart from competitors.  

Employing multi-lock hardware, the handle controls multiple locking points and provides ease of operation combined with high performance and resistance to tampering. While most sliding doors typically use a friction seal, ours has a compression seal which allows the door to have a low sill while maintaining high sill performance.

Whether applied in a high-rise, townhouse, or suburban home, the Skyline Series 2000 Lift & Slide door will surely exceed your expectations.


We currently offer our sliding door in the following finishes:

White Interior / Bronze Exterior

Bronze Interior / Bronze Exterior


standard handles


door test size

10' X 8'

AAMA rating


Structural Load

75 PSF

Air @ 50 MPH

0.01 CFM


12 PSF

Glass thickness